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MGT 571 Entire Course Lodging Management

MGT 571 Entire Course Lodging Management


MGT 571 Full Course Lodging Management

MGT 571 Lodging Management

Contingency Planning

  • Describe strategies for risk assessment and contingency planning/response in the lodging industry.

Introduction to Lodging Management

  • Describe the different types of lodging facilities.
  • Describe the role of management in the lodging industry.
  • Depict organizational structures within the lodging industry.
  • Analyze process management in the lodging industry.
  • Examine the role of human resources in lodging operations.

Guest Service and Marketing in the Lodging Industry

  • Describe the role of guest service in the lodging industry.
  • Recommend techniques lodging facilities can use to enhance the total guest experience.
  • Analyze the role of sales and marketing in the lodging industry.

Strategic Planning in the Lodging Industry

  • Perform a cost analysis.
  • Discuss the impact of an event on the budget and operations of a lodging organization.

Technology and the Lodging Industry

  • Examine the impact of technology on lodging operations.


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MGT 571 Entire Course Lodging Management

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