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MGT 521 WEEK 5

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MGT 521 WEEK 5

Your manager tells you about a new department the company will be adding that is part of the company’s strategic plan to enter a particular market segment. Your manager would like you to manage one of the teams in this new department. Your manager has put together the team you will be managing. Your new team consists of the members of your current Learning Team.

To be successful in the new market segment, your team must efficiently accomplish the goals set by the company. Your manager, therefore, would like you to develop a leadership approach for each team member on your team based on the theories of leadership and each member’s individual personalities.

Write a memo to your manager of no more than 1,400 words in which you explain how you plan to successfully lead your team. Include the following:

  • Evaluate the individuals, including yourself, based on the personality assessment.
  • Evaluate the situation in terms of urgency, culture, and so forth.
  • Determine leadership approaches, based on individuals and the situation. Highlight the principles you have applied from various leadership theories.

Format your memo consistent with APA guidelines.

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Your Learning Team is a team of managers of a customer call center for timeshare vacations. 

Discuss, with your team, the types of control measures you would use to see how efficient and effective an employee is. 

Discuss, with your team, the measures you would use to evaluate the entire call center.

Prepare a 350- to 1,050-word paper detailing the findings of your discussion.



The control process assumes that ________.

employees require clear directions from management

employees are underqualified and require training

specific goals for performance were already created during the planning process

employee monitoring costs are part and parcel of doing business

Bottom of Form

Correct :

Because the control process measures actual performance against standards, these standards should already be in place when the control process begins. If standards are not created during the planning process, the control process will not have a goal against which to measure actual performance.

  • The Control Process

Top of Form


An example of control criteria that can be used in any situation is ________.

number of calls taken per day

employee satisfaction

average time to process paperwork

client requests completed per hour

Bottom of Form

Correct :

Because all managers have employees, control criteria such as employee satisfaction, turnover, or absenteeism can be used in most situations.

  • Step 1. Measuring Actual Performance

Top of Form


In reviewing the results of the control process, managers could choose to avoid taking action when ________.

an employee fails to attain the standard because of internal problems

the variance between actual performance and the standard is acceptable

performance standards are acceptable, though the employees have not attained it

the variance observed from the expected performance is caused due to unrealistic standards

Bottom of Form

Correct :

Even if a variance between actual performance and the standard exists, if it is acceptable given the range of variation, a manager can avoid taking action. Managers can also choose to do nothing if the standard is being obtained.

  • Managerial Decisions in Controlling


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