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MGT 510 Midterm Exam

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MGT 510 Week 5 Midterm Exam

Question 1

Aggressive multinational companies from emerging markets are                                               

Question 2

Which of the following would not be considered a basic source of globalization?                

Question 3

A global mindset requires managers to think globally but                                                                              

Question 4

A global product or service is      

Question 5         

Which of the following is not a classification of economic systems noted in the text?                        

Question 6

The two forms of risk discussed in the text include                                                                           

Question 7         

Countries high on uncertainty avoidance have norms, values, and beliefs such as               

Question 8         

On which of Hofstede's value dimensions does the U.S. rank highest?                                     

Question 9

Some people believe that the norms, values, and beliefs of their own culture represent the only    correct ways of dealing with the world. This is called                                  

Question 10

In a universalistic culture, the right way to treat people is based on                                                                          

Question 11

Cultures with high power distance values probably have                                                                

Question 12

The range of feelings outwardly expressed in society refers to the cultural dimension of ________.                                                                                           

Question 13

Postindustrial societies are typically characterized by the dominance of                                 

Question 14       

The index of economic freedom may be used by multinationals to understand the nature of         

Question 15       

The educational attainment scores                                                                                          

Question 16       

Which of the following societies tend to determine occupations based on ascription (family background) and social status?                                    

Question 17

Which of the following religions is most practiced around the world?                                                                                      

Question 18

When a society expects that while men should work outside, and women ideally stay at home, this exhibits which of the following features?                                                        

Question 19

Which of the following religions has strict gender roles and also prohibits multinationals from paying or receiving interest on transactions?                                                            

Question 20

Upstream activities in the value chain are concerned, in part, with                                                                             

Question 21

Key success factors are                                 

Question 22

Which of the following more likely represents a threat to a multinational company like Toyota?                                                                                  

Question 23

Favorable conditions in a firm's external environment are known as                                                                

Question 24

Which of the following forces is NOT one of the forces considered in Porter’s five forces analysis?                                                                        

Question 25

Offensive strategies                                      




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$ 40
MGT 510 Midterm Exam

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  • Questions : 1864
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