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COM 301 Unit 6 Pop Culture Assignment Latest

COM 301 Unit 6 Pop Culture Assignment Latest


COM 301 Unit 6 Pop Culture Assignment Latest

  • Develop criteria for how a pop star/icon should be analyzed and critically reviewed. For example: back story, appearance, talent, performance, skill...
  • Use your criteria to analyze media coverage of a single star of your choice from at least 5 written sources. You may focus on a recording artist, band or group. These can include The New York Times, entertainment industry magazines, "fanzines," celebrity "news" websites or any other mainstream publication.
  • After analyzing the five sources, answer the following questions:

1. How do the various publications treat the star?

2. What do they say about his or her talent, back story, style and so on?

3. How do the approaches differ in terms of article topics, purpose, focus or .blogs.nytimes.com/2003/03/20/slanted-sentences/”>slant, tone and other writing elements?

4. How is the star represented in photographs?

5. How would they categorize the sources and the articles themselves – as criticism, information, hype, gossip, entertainment or other?

6. What sort of picture would you form of the star in just one of these publications, as opposed to the full combination?

7. Be sure to include your list of criteria for judging a pop star/icon. It should include between 7-10 elements for criteria.


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COM 301 Unit 6 Pop Culture Assignment Latest

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