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BUS 411 Unit 6 Assignment Latest-POST

BUS 411 Unit 6 Assignment Latest-POST


BUS 411 Unit 6 Assignment Latest-POST

Assignment: Case Analysis: The Decision Making Process

You are to write a minimum, 2 page essay, on this week’s subject matter per below. Using a personal example from you life or organization:

1. Discuss the main phases or activities of the decision making process, including for example: the background leading up to the problem situation; problem recognition; development and evaluation of alternatives; selection of alternative; and outcome of the decision. Where possible, analyze the information seeking and information use behaviors in the decision making process.

2. Incorporate the terminology from this week to show the instructor that you have read and can apply the material effectively.

3. Discuss what could have made the process better.


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BUS 411 Unit 6 Assignment Latest-POST

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  • james
  • Questions : 1750
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