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ACCT 574 DeVry Case Study




ACCT 574 DeVry Case Study

The accounting scandals over the past several years have greatly influenced contemporary culture of Forensic Accounting. Describe the events that have influenced forensic accounting as follows:

  1. Identify an accounting scandal at a corporation that has resulted in a loss of reputation to the accounting profession. Explain the crime(s) committed.
  2. As a result of these accounting scandals, the AICPA recognized the need for accounting professionals to change their attitudes toward fraud detection by revising SAS 99. List at least four of the significant changes made to SAS 99 and explain your answer.

Assignment Guidelines:

For the company selected in question #1:

  1. Define the major problem or problems. (Problems cause symptoms – for example, stress causes the symptom of high blood pressure. Often, the symptoms are directly described in the case, whereas the problem(s) usually are not. If necessary, indicate how the problems are related to one another.)
  2. Here is where you should include a response to the question - What has happened to the key players since the events in this case? Use appropriate references supporting problem definition and subsequent experience of key players (avoid using blogs or Wikipedia).

Analyze the situation. Explain the mechanisms that are causing the problem or problems (use appropriate theories to show how the problem(s) identified above cause the symptoms of ineffectiveness in the case. Present examples found in the case study that support your argument).

  • Here is where you should include a response to the question - Were the consequences they experienced as a result of their role appropriate under the circumstances and why?
  • Use appropriate references supporting analysis of the situation. Integrate theories and concepts from the course material (avoid using blogs or Wikipedia).

Presentation Guidelines:

  • Do not rehash the minutia or details in the case
  • Give analysis, not description
  • Use and apply theories and concepts from the course material; integrate course material where it is useful –include at least two reliable references other than the course text
  • Be thorough
  • BE CAREFUL – Make sure to avoid plagiarism and to use quotation marks and proper citation as required
  • Length - 800 to 1,200 words - double spaced
  • Use APA format for citations and (required) References page. Remember that the significant portion of your analysis should be in your "own words"

Grading Guidelines:

45 Points - Content & Development

20 Points - Organization & Structure, Format (APA), Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling & Readability

65 Points - Total


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ACCT 574 DeVry Case Study

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  • james
  • Questions : 1750
  • Solutions : 1789
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