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We Charge Nothing for posting a Request at MindBlows.com


We charge Nothing for Buying the Solutions at MindBlows.com

Posting Solutions

You may Post as many Solutions as you like nad pay Nothing

Selling Solutions

Our charges are 10% if the Person,posting request,Buys the solutions.Just as you thought thts it,this is't the case.Your Solutions will remains available and our SEO experts shall make sure that Solutions get sold time again.We'll keep 10% to pay them for their individual services and to keep services running

Deposinting Funds

Deposinting Funds costs Nothing if you Deposit more than $10.For amounts less tha $10 ,there will be a fee of 60 percent per transation.


After you've earned a certain amount and maintained a Good Rating,you'll qualify for early Withdrawal. In that case,there will be an additional fee of 1%.


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